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*TLDR: Actually Additions for 1.16.4 in the future. No ETA. No Fabric port. No 1.13, 1.14 or 1.15. Beautiful art overhaul. Don't ask Ellpeck anything ever. Stay awesome.*
Before I start this post, I want to re-iterate that I haven't had a direct programming-related connection to Actually Additions in [over three years]( I don't plan on changing this. This means that, if you have *anything* to say about the mod, be it issue reports or feature requests, **do not talk to me about that**. Go to [the issue tracker]( or [my Discord]('s `#minecraft` channel.
Okay, now that that's out of the way... let's talk about the future of Actually Additions. In [my last post](, I talked about the things I disliked about the mod and, in that same vein, the reasons that I don't want it to be updated beyond Minecraft 1.12. What I didn't necessarily make clear in that post is that this isn't really my decision, because I haven't touched Actually Additions in *a long time*. For the last few years, **Shadows-of-Fire** has been maintaining the mod (that is, fixing issues and publishing updates), which is also the reason that there haven't been any new features during that time. So what about now?
# Who?
A few months ago, Direwolf sent me a message on Discord along the lines of
> Hey, do you want someone to port Actually Additions? Because I know this really great guy called [MiKeY]( who really loves porting mods for some reason.
So, as a result of that, **MiKeY** is basically the new, official maintainer of Actually Additions.
A little while later, another person approached me: [Ridanisaurus](, who apparently really likes making beautiful art for mods. He asked me if I want new art for Actually Additions, and since I have some *opinions* about the current state of Actually Additions' graphics and visual consistency, I naturally said yes immediately. So yea, **Ridanisaurus** is basically the new, official artist of Actually Additions.
# What?
MiKeY and Rid are going to port Actually Additions to **Forge** for **Minecraft 1.16.4**. They are re-doing all of the art for the mod and they will also modify some of the features that I dislike, based on my personal feedback and the information outlined in [my diss track](
The art overhaul has already started (and even been finished, I believe), and because it is *gorgeous*, I'm going to show you some of the preview pictures that Rid has sent me right now. Enjoy.
![](blog/res/future_actually_additions/1.png =100%x*)
![](blog/res/future_actually_additions/2.png =100%x*)
![](blog/res/future_actually_additions/3.png =100%x*)
Don't they look *so good*?
# What Not?
Since I know a lot of people will ask questions about this, here is a list of some of the things that you will **not** be getting, no matter how frequently you ask.
- We will *not* be releasing a Fabric version of the mod.
- We will *not* be releasing 1.13, 1.14 or 1.15 versions of the mod.
- We will *not* be keeping all of the features in the mod the same, especially not the Storage Crate, which will be getting a major overhaul.
MiKeY has expressed great interest in helping me overhaul the features that I dislike and, as a result, making Actually Additions a better and more refined mod than it used to be.
# When?
We don't know yet. *Please* don't ask.
# Thank You
So yea, that's about it for the news. I hope all of you are as excited about the port and the upcoming changes as I am. If you want to be kept up to date with the changes, you can check the [GitHub repository]( every once in a while (especially [its `clean-start` branch]( and join [my Discord server](, where we might post some updates from time to time.
As an additional note, I would like to thank all of you for the continued support of not only Actually Additions, but all of my mods and even my non-Minecraft-related projects. Of course, there have also been some rude people, but all in all, yall have been an amazing community and I am so grateful that you enjoy the things I create. I love yall. ❤️

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