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<li>You will have the choice of whether you want to receive the source code privately or whether I should publish it on GitHub.</li>
<li>You will have the choice of whether you want to be sent the mod jar or whether I should publish the mod on CurseForge. If the mod is published on CurseForge, you will get up to 50% of the share of Curse Points generated through the mod.</li>
<li>After the mod is completed, bug fixes are included for free, but feature updates and Minecraft version updates are not. They can be requested at a later date for a small fee though.</li>
<li>I don't maintain mods for multiple Minecraft versions simultaneously, so you will have to select a single version for which you want the mod created and maintained.</li>
<li>I charge between 10€ ($11) and 30€ ($33) an hour.
<li>I estimate the total amount of time it will take based on the size and complexity of the mod beforehand.</li>