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<title>Ellpeck's Mod Commissions</title>
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<meta name="description" content="I accept commissions for Minecraft mods. If you want a mod of any size and complexity made, this is the place to go!">
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<meta property="og:title" content="Ellpeck's Mod Commissions">
<meta property="og:description" content="I accept commissions for Minecraft mods. If you want a mod of any size and complexity made, this is the place to go!">
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<h1>About Me</h1>
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<p>Hi, I'm Ellpeck, a student and programmer from Germany. I've been making Minecraft mods for over 6 years, and during that time, I created some popular mods like <a href="">Actually Additions</a> and <a href="">Nature's Aura</a>. If you want to know more about my projects, you should check out <a href="">my website</a>.</p>
<p>Recently, I started accepting commissions for mods as well. If you want a Minecraft mod of any size and complexity made, I can do that for you. ❤️</p>
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<h1>Past Commissions</h1>
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<h1>Terms and Pricing</h1>
<p>Here is all the information you need if you want to commission me to make a mod for you:</p>
<li>I create Minecraft Forge mods only.</li>
<li>I work in Minecraft Versions 1.12.2 and upwards only.</li>
<li>No ports of existing mods or content.</li>
<li>You will have the choice of whether you want to receive the source code privately or whether I should publish it on GitHub.</li>
<li>You will have the choice of whether you want to be sent the mod jar or whether I should publish the mod on CurseForge. If the mod is published on CurseForge, you will get up to 50% of the share of Curse Points generated through the mod.</li>
<li>After the mod is completed, bug fixes are included for free, but feature updates and Minecraft version updates are not. They can be requested at a later date for a small fee though.</li>
<li>I don't maintain mods for multiple Minecraft versions simultaneously, so you will have to select a single version for which you want the mod created and maintained.</li>
<li>I usually charge an average of 20€ (<a href="">$23</a>) an hour.
<li>I estimate the total amount of time it will take based on the size and complexity of the mod beforehand.</li>
<li>I request half of the estimated amount to be paid before I start working on the mod, the other half once I'm finished. That way, there's security for both of us.</li>
<li>If a feature takes much more time than expected, I might raise the second payment's price slightly. Of course, if I do this, I will also provide an explanation as to why this is necessary.</li>
2 years ago
<li>You have to be at least 18 years old, and you have to pay with your own PayPal account. I don't accept other forms of payment.</li>
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<p>If you're interested, you can easily contact me by joining my Discord server and messaging me privately from there. Alternatively, you can also <a href="">send me an email</a>.</p>
<a href=""><img class="discord-img" src="../res/discord.png"></a>
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<a href="">&copy; 2021 Ellpeck</a> &ndash; <a href="">Impressum</a> &ndash; <a href="">Privacy</a>