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Ellpeck 1eb200f2ad ensure the manual uses the 1.12 branch 6 months ago
Ellpeck b9d7c75469 let's stick with bootstrap 4 6 months ago
Ellpeck 80aabbf88f dependency updates and accessibility improvements 6 months ago
Ellpeck c12bfeb900 fixed patreon image having weird width and height 6 months ago
Ellpeck 8a14c03989 some code style improvements 6 months ago
Ellpeck 40246ef683 some more minor improvements 6 months ago
Ellpeck f4a041bfec some load performance improvements 6 months ago
Ellpeck 9afeda372a update to new google analytics id 7 months ago
Ellpeck 484025fe0a force scroll to the blog once it's loaded 9 months ago
Ellpeck 1aa98dadf8 some sponsor button positioning fixes 10 months ago
Ellpeck 422784a60d added sponsors and patreon buttons 10 months ago
Ellpeck 4c824e0cd9 some master->main related fixes for projects 10 months ago
Ellpeck 38a5e8ef5b moved the web repository to gitea 1 year ago
Ellpeck 62eeb4289f fixed ad placement, I hate css 1 year ago
Ellpeck c640fd6c84 made the ad footer actually static 1 year ago
Ellpeck f8154dc051 added cookie info to actaddmanual too 1 year ago
Ellpeck b444258f77 make small links be farther apart in manual 1 year ago
Ellpeck 0656abd0cb added a privacy policy 1 year ago
Ellpeck 2884ffb359 very slightly spruce up the actaddmanual page 1 year ago
Ellpeck 641ebbfe24 made the actaddmanual page responsive 2 years ago
Ellpeck beb6e3b153 talking about analytics 2 years ago
Ellpeck a8b6942863 new actadd manual 2 years ago