The repository for my website
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Ellpeck 857efd717e OUTskirts 2 months ago
actaddmanual ensure the manual uses the 1.12 branch 3 months ago
blog D I S C U S S 3 months ago
commissions updated commission terms wording 3 months ago
foefrenzy let's stick with bootstrap 4 3 months ago
node fixed book headings being reduced in blog posts 3 months ago
res added gitea link 2 months ago
scripts OUTskirts 2 months ago
style fixed some issues with the new book styling 3 months ago
.gitignore moved blog sources into blog/src 3 months ago
.htaccess added reedsy prompts to website 3 months ago
404.html overhauled most of the script code 3 months ago
Jenkinsfile fetch changes before checking out 3 months ago
ads.txt apparently this is important 1 year ago
app-ads.txt added app-ads 4 months ago
favicon.ico Got almost everything working! 3 years ago
index.html some small improvements and alt text fixes 3 months ago