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  Ellpeck f5a5f40a9f finished commission site for now 1 month ago
  Ellpeck 484025fe0a force scroll to the blog once it's loaded 2 months ago
  Ellpeck 1aa98dadf8 some sponsor button positioning fixes 3 months ago
  Ellpeck 422784a60d added sponsors and patreon buttons 3 months ago
  Ellpeck 4920725c29 added a way to show archived posts 5 months ago
  Ellpeck fb7c50f3e5 made non-blog content be removed by html class instead of by regex 5 months ago
  Ellpeck 38a5e8ef5b moved the web repository to gitea 5 months ago
  Ellpeck dbd7d77377 no coremods pls 10 months ago
  Ellpeck f8154dc051 added cookie info to actaddmanual too 11 months ago
  Ellpeck eca5c0aa57 update date 11 months ago
  Ellpeck 0656abd0cb added a privacy policy 11 months ago
  Ellpeck 14b818eb94 apparently I need this on the index also 11 months ago
  Ellpeck 98bf0922c5 update the commission info a bit 1 year ago
  Ellpeck a37793537a added google analytics 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 19d9b2b492 fixed up serverside scripts 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 175202554d made posts always open up into reading mode 1 year ago
  Ellpeck c63833ebba added footnotes 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 30b3dec0fa added reading mode for blog posts 1 year ago
  Ellpeck bb5d42ef16 this bothers me 1 year ago
  Ellpeck e5e2c126e2 added feeds 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 12d2d2ade4 Revert "redesign, part 1!" 1 year ago
  Ellpeck a4e1ebf073 redesign, part 1! 1 year ago
  Ellpeck a7ce9ce0e1 some meta changes 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 9969e10b59 Revert "added title and description changes based on area" 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 2cc7bdc9f6 added title and description changes based on area 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 7aced5c274 some reorganization 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 9ee1e22192 added code syntax highlighting 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 5ef9bcebf6 use a discord widget in favor of a link 1 year ago
  Ellpeck baeec7833f add sims 4 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 1fd29c7879 added switch stuff 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 7bb5409b47 some changes 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 4412d46e8f add itch link 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 5e114f9b04 new copyright yo 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 4080b9e275 change commissions to a modal 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 3ab4bc1356 commission info on website 1 year ago
  Ellpeck e2ed886734 little overhaul 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 2e1bca75e3 add blog please tell me this works online too 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 5602011629 added cookie notification 2 years ago
  Ellpeck b92948525b dark mode 2 years ago
  Ellpeck d010983690 some more changes 2 years ago
  Ellpeck e96cbf25d2 couple changes 2 years ago
  Ellpeck f78a0095a4 general update 2 years ago
  Ellpeck d1c468f502 added soundcloud 2 years ago
  Ellpeck e80e5cbedf more quotes 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 064c16f5f7 make support into scripts instead because it's cleaner yo 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 6df593ca03 added quotes to the footer 2 years ago
  Ellpeck c579a47c25 added a little support section 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 31c06c5988 add glimmers 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 122f2b7f44 made the impressum open based on the link 2 years ago
  Ellpeck 9141f5f7ef smaller please thanks 2 years ago