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  Ellpeck fb7c50f3e5 made non-blog content be removed by html class instead of by regex 1 month ago
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Merge pull request #2 from Ellpeck/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/node/lodash-4.17.19 3 months ago
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Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19 in /node 3 months ago
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  Ellpeck e5726d1480 removed the sitemap 4 months ago
  Ellpeck a8a3529af7 fixed pride flag background bleh 5 months ago
  Ellpeck 219b337de5 also remove mlem parentheses on the website 5 months ago
  Ellpeck 82863aee58 link to the mlem website 5 months ago
  Ellpeck c25634d598 made blog headers a lot smaller, God 5 months ago
  Ellpeck 0ed244f675 dis-friggin-cuss 5 months ago
  Ellpeck 05e9dc703c about actually additions 5 months ago
  Ellpeck b7fe4ae2e0 ff update 5 months ago
  Ellpeck a841f4772b mooooooooooooore, moooooooooooooore, moooooooooore, more, moore 5 months ago
  Ellpeck b3c52a057f on taking a break from social media 5 months ago
  Ellpeck e739c04fb6 archived some posts 5 months ago
  Ellpeck dbd7d77377 no coremods pls 5 months ago
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  Ellpeck c640fd6c84 made the ad footer actually static 6 months ago
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  Ellpeck 299bb15b4d minor changéé 6 months ago
  Ellpeck ac6a368d49 remove rock bottom website link since it's dead 6 months ago
  Ellpeck 46f13c0ce7 bleh 6 months ago
  Ellpeck f7df98227b update mlem description 6 months ago
  Ellpeck 74445f5e4e updated mlem logo 6 months ago
  Ellpeck 17dd62a326 apparently this is important 7 months ago
  Ellpeck c92e5eca54 reorder some projects 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 245f89706e actually use the right link for the privacy policy 7 months ago
  Ellpeck f8154dc051 added cookie info to actaddmanual too 7 months ago
  Ellpeck b444258f77 make small links be farther apart in manual 7 months ago
  Ellpeck eca5c0aa57 update date 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 0656abd0cb added a privacy policy 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 14b818eb94 apparently I need this on the index also 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 79d40739d9 quotequotequote 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 2884ffb359 very slightly spruce up the actaddmanual page 7 months ago
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  Ellpeck e55d4fc0a5 only pull on master 7 months ago
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Merge pull request #1 from Ellpeck/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/node/acorn-6.4.1 7 months ago
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Bump acorn from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 in /node 7 months ago
  Ellpeck 76e2e86eab move some stuff around in the about section 7 months ago
  Ellpeck e2d3f619fd let's see if this works 8 months ago