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Ellpeck 5348dd2be9 fixed the banner not working (in theory) 2 weeks ago
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Ellpeck c6bd12a412 also copy the manual and commissions 2 weeks ago
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Ellpeck 2a5bd50cc8 added back missing short story 2 weeks ago
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Ellpeck ce25a49e61 finished age 2 weeks ago
Ellpeck 6bde3c4ff8 silently convert the entire website to jekyll 2 weeks ago
Ellpeck afcd4037ea updated about section slightly 2 weeks ago
Ellpeck 4433896995 removed foe frenzy 3 weeks ago
Ellpeck b7c9d13021 removed stuff that got moved to a different repo 3 weeks ago
Ellpeck 34db8cca03 organized gitignore and presskit a bit better 3 weeks ago
Ellpeck c70b8af404 update project icon too 3 weeks ago
Ellpeck ce1e9378b1 sneakily update the tiny life assets 3 weeks ago
Ellpeck 45b20fc587 dis guss 4 weeks ago
Ellpeck e1a4056ef5 a blog post about terrible reading habits 4 weeks ago
Ellpeck ac692d402a actually remove the anchors code lmao 1 month ago
Ellpeck 052ef46de5 don't add unnecessary anchors if we force to the anchor anyway 1 month ago
Ellpeck 851c534879 removed invalid analytics link 2 months ago
Ellpeck 2633e328dd added press kit link to tiny life site 2 months ago
Ellpeck 5c985ee1ee fixed up some press issues 2 months ago
Ellpeck d5c0de52f0 added presskit 2 months ago
Ellpeck 4e1ef46af3 deny web access to some stuff 2 months ago
Ellpeck 0cfa93f3dc added the steam page link 2 months ago
Ellpeck efc7bdbbec fixed some mobile display inconsistencies 2 months ago
Ellpeck 3ef5a76a64 updated tiny life link in projects 2 months ago
Ellpeck 93a50aedb5 updated google id 2 months ago
Ellpeck e2f202efbd added tiny life site 2 months ago
Ellpeck 82b46f9317 discuss 2 months ago
Ellpeck 2ccf90d566 new short story blog post, yay 2 months ago
Ellpeck c7be739a53 discuss 2 months ago
Ellpeck 24c375fd2d cursed comment time 2 months ago
Ellpeck c263947095 link to Quarris commissions 2 months ago
Ellpeck 0ee1a8e552 summmary 2 months ago
Ellpeck 6c804d8e09 added an info about commissions being closed 2 months ago
Ellpeck 8207ab2f1d discusserino 3 months ago
Ellpeck 2285c97bf1 jed's things to avoid in life 3 months ago
Ellpeck 857efd717e OUTskirts 3 months ago
Ellpeck 898ee1069d moved linkedin to about 3 months ago
Ellpeck 0ea400629f added gitea link 3 months ago
Ellpeck 03aeb88031 added women 4 months ago
Ellpeck f8acf2aa59 updated commission terms wording 4 months ago
Ellpeck 9df7ecad8e fixed book headings being reduced in blog posts 4 months ago
Ellpeck e8b22f684b added nature's starlight 4 months ago
Ellpeck 31f9b9ae61 some small improvements and alt text fixes 4 months ago