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  Ellpeck 837cd67c74 note archived-ness on the rss feed 5 months ago
  Ellpeck fb7c50f3e5 made non-blog content be removed by html class instead of by regex 6 months ago
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Bump lodash from 4.17.15 to 4.17.19 in /node 8 months ago
  Ellpeck e5726d1480 removed the sitemap 9 months ago
  Ellpeck e739c04fb6 archived some posts 10 months ago
  Ellpeck 0656abd0cb added a privacy policy 11 months ago
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Bump acorn from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 in /node 12 months ago
  Ellpeck 7255b7b436 structure this a bit better too~ 1 year ago
  Ellpeck ca3b84310c some stuff I forgot 1 year ago
  Ellpeck a22cc88b01 I recently found out that this is a thing! 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 9235dfde09 some small changes 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 2bcc913560 made the navigation static again 1 year ago
  Ellpeck f877e10d00 clean up the node scripts a bit 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 8980028694 fixed the rss feed linking to the wrong blog 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 08244caa2f made the blog navigation be loaded dynamically 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 7731646970 made feeds, blog and sitemap be created on script startup too 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 399fb8c6b6 java tutorial, part 1! 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 19d9b2b492 fixed up serverside scripts 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 175202554d made posts always open up into reading mode 1 year ago
  Ellpeck c63833ebba added footnotes 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 22b93e71d8 add previous post and next post buttons to blog pages 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 30b3dec0fa added reading mode for blog posts 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 71916a7f6f made sitemap and rss only be generated on change 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 8a5d0da3e5 fixed id not being a link like it apparently should 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 9ae98b09b3 var is literally the devil 1 year ago
  Ellpeck e5e2c126e2 added feeds 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 12d2d2ade4 Revert "redesign, part 1!" 1 year ago
  Ellpeck a4e1ebf073 redesign, part 1! 1 year ago
  Ellpeck 4c36f505ba made sitemap generation properly dynamic 1 year ago
  Ellpeck c44b72ffb9 added a sitemap generator, let's see if this works 1 year ago