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Ellpeck 37138b67f8 fixed some issues with the new book styling 2 months ago
Ellpeck 798e8cd8e3 fixed rss feed generator 2 months ago
Ellpeck 9270cf8bed added short story look and feel and published Em & Ben 2 months ago
Ellpeck 8e2dc6f2f4 change the distance between blog category buttons a bit 2 months ago
Ellpeck aaca91000b some minor style improvements 2 months ago
Ellpeck 6724f352c6 updated the banner to look a bit nicer 2 months ago
Ellpeck cbe4a615df added some cool seasonal banners 2 months ago
Ellpeck 40246ef683 some more minor improvements 2 months ago
Ellpeck b239ec5b02 get rid of the useless patreon widget 2 months ago
Ellpeck f4a041bfec some load performance improvements 2 months ago
Ellpeck 8cd72547f0 added categories to the blog 2 months ago
Ellpeck 1aa98dadf8 some sponsor button positioning fixes 6 months ago
Ellpeck c89c311bcb some visual consistency changes 6 months ago
Ellpeck 422784a60d added sponsors and patreon buttons 6 months ago
Ellpeck 4920725c29 added a way to show archived posts 8 months ago
Ellpeck a8a3529af7 fixed pride flag background bleh 12 months ago
Ellpeck 0656abd0cb added a privacy policy 1 year ago
Ellpeck 60b230fc8b condense the post list a bit 2 years ago
Ellpeck 2e4fa022fe java tutorial 2! 2 years ago
Ellpeck 399fb8c6b6 java tutorial, part 1! 2 years ago
Ellpeck 175202554d made posts always open up into reading mode 2 years ago
Ellpeck e29744e532 fixed the projects tab having wrong spacing when using the navigation bar 2 years ago
Ellpeck 30b3dec0fa added reading mode for blog posts 2 years ago
Ellpeck 12d2d2ade4 Revert "redesign, part 1!" 2 years ago
Ellpeck a4e1ebf073 redesign, part 1! 2 years ago
Ellpeck 7aced5c274 some reorganization 2 years ago