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The MLEM logo

MLEM Library for Extending MonoGame is an addition to the game framework MonoGame that provides extension methods, quality of life improvements and additional features like a ui system and easy input handling.

What next?


  • MLEM is the base package, which provides extension methods and additional features for MonoGame
  • MLEM.Ui features a mouse, keyboard, gamepad and touch ready Ui system that features automatic anchoring, sizing and several ready-to-use element types.
  • MLEM.Extended ties in with MonoGame.Extended and other MonoGame libraries
  • MLEM.Data provides simple data and network handling
  • MLEM.Startup combines MLEM with some other useful libraries into a quick Game startup class
  • MLEM.Templates contains cross-platform project templates

Made with MLEM

If you created a game with the help of MLEM, you can get it added to this list by submitting it on the issue tracker. If its source is public, other people will be able to use your project as an example, too!


Here are some images that show a couple of MLEM's features.

The MLEM.Ui demo in action:

A gif showing various user interface elements from the MLEM.Ui demo

MLEM's text formatting system, which is compatible with both MLEM.Ui and regular sprite batch rendering:

An image showing text with various colors and other formatting

Friends of MLEM

There are several other NuGet packages and tools that work well in combination with MonoGame and MLEM. Here are some of them:

  • Contentless, a tool that removes the need to add assets to the MonoGame Content Pipeline manually
  • GameBundle, a tool that packages MonoGame and other .NET Core applications into several distributable formats
  • MonoGame.Extended, a package that also provides several additional features for MonoGame
  • Coroutine, a package that implements Unity-style coroutines for any project