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Ellpeck 4f09e64039 update 7 months ago
Ellpeck 8a3e55b8f4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into main 7 months ago
Ellpeck 1deb8a9d89 ensure coroutine handler instance thread safety 7 months ago
Ellpeck 6bbe37cbb3
Update FUNDING.yml 8 months ago
Ellpeck 9e57c0250a 2.1.2 8 months ago
Ellpeck a73c3f7843 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' 8 months ago
Ellpeck 02d16ee81d added a logo and added readme to package 8 months ago
Ellpeck f71426321f reflect branch rename 8 months ago
Ellpeck fdc2ada90a update 1 year ago
Ellpeck 07623ddc1a Fixed an issue with removing event-based coroutines after several event calls 1 year ago
Zaafar Ahmed 0d51954b63
Added a unit test to expose an exception (#14) 1 year ago
Ellpeck 5dc11e0d26 update 1 year ago
Ellpeck 79fa21eb1e
Merge pull request #13 from zaafar/master 1 year ago
Zaafar 889ed157fe Removed Avg, Max and added raw stats i.e LastMoveNextTime 1 year ago
Ellpeck 0e5b571590 cleanup 1 year ago
Ellpeck 0de8a0dd2d split outstanding coroutines into two lists to improve performance slightly 1 year ago
Ellpeck 4280ea2db4 always archive test results 1 year ago
Ellpeck 10590841d2 only move coroutines that relate to the required type 1 year ago
Ellpeck 19e8a74d2b use default initial capacity when creating event coroutine collection 1 year ago
Ellpeck 1e8a9e4e6c make sure all infinite coroutines are canceled in tests 1 year ago
Ellpeck d9f8c383ea
Merge pull request #11 from zaafar/master 1 year ago
Zaafar 9d23ffb2f6 added more unit tests 1 year ago
Ellpeck 42360014d8 use sets for eventCoroutinesToRemove to speed up Contains check 1 year ago
Ellpeck 501d744326 increase performance and scalability by storing event coroutines linked to their event 1 year ago
Ellpeck 548e07f19f some code style improvements 1 year ago
Ellpeck ff8749a799 Ensure that event coroutines never get duplicated when duplicate events are raised 1 year ago
Ellpeck cf1b3c2db0 added a convenience method that accepts a TimeSpan for Tick 1 year ago
Ellpeck 9f4d43d730 clean up recent pull request a bit 1 year ago
Ellpeck 47ffd9b79a
Merge pull request #10 from zaafar/master 1 year ago
Zaafar 469527cd87 name changes 1 year ago
Zaafar 3998cd92d7 added another test-case 1 year ago
Zaafar 7bff370663 updated unit test to be more complex. 1 year ago
Ellpeck 355c3a4f8c
Merge pull request #8 from zaafar/master 1 year ago
Zaafar 41017b5f8a few more test-cases 1 year ago
Ellpeck c26d0cbeb0 cleaned up tests and integrated them with ci 1 year ago
Ellpeck c7378078ae
Merge pull request #7 from zaafar/master 1 year ago
Zaafar 1c97d17ef7 Added event based test. 1 year ago
Zaafar bda1e21ea3 Minor fixup 1 year ago
Zaafar 71f9573c9c manually cleaned up the Coroutine.sln file 1 year ago
Zaafar 494d3d9fc1 added unit tests for time based Wait. 1 year ago
Ellpeck 47dbd8bf25 update 1 year ago
Ellpeck 6e07a26a6c fixed some race conditions with nested coroutines 1 year ago
Ellpeck ffdb5ed8f7 revert back to using for loops to allow for nested coroutines to work correctly 1 year ago
Ellpeck 448a55081b minor cleanup 1 year ago
Ellpeck c68121614f added coroutine priority 1 year ago
Ellpeck 5c6621ace3 use Equals for event comparison to allow easily overriding the equals method 1 year ago
Ellpeck ca434b2324
Only publish on master 2 years ago
Ellpeck 1fec29dc63
Merge pull request #5 from zaafar/f/add-max-stat 2 years ago
Zaafar 013b846fbc added MaxMoveNextTime Stat to ActiveCoroutine. 2 years ago
Ellpeck a77c9874e7 update the documentation (which has been outdated for a while apparently, oops) 2 years ago